Our mission
AMA is a baby carrier, but it is also an art of living and revolves around a powerful movement. At AMA we want to make life easier for parents. Ignite that spark to follow your own maternal/paternal instincts and accept imperfections.
Our vision
At AMA, we envision a world where all parents feel empowered, safe and confident. About themselves and how they live their daily lives. Ideally, this would be seamlessly woven into the fabric of society and our collective minds. Of course, women should be able to be mothers, have careers, be pretty on their own terms. In the meantime, looking and feeling good should in no way endanger our planet we call home. Therefore, we are and will always remain deeply committed to quality, aesthetics and style. For us, sustainability is part of it all. Our baby carriers embody and reflect these core values.
Our methods
High quality, modern, responsible. Still, we don't want to shout "sustainability" from the rooftops, because it's a headache that always needs improvement. At AMA, we will not rest on our laurels until sustainability is not just the exception or a trend, but the absolute norm. First, we think of the wonderfully talented and knowledgeable people we work with. Luli & Sunda who create all the ideas, and the team in Poland who manufacture our products with the utmost care. All workers involved in the manufacturing process earn fair wages and are treated with respect and dignity. At all times, we aim to avoid over-stocking and over-consumption in general. Therefore, all AMA products carry a seal of quality that will effortlessly stand the test of time. Choose your baby carrier and use it from birth to 10kg, not for one but for all your children. Each product is checked and packed by hand under our own roof in Paris.

Our materials
Working with nature rather than against it is our philosophy when sourcing materials. Raw materials are obtained from environmentally friendly producers. Whenever possible, we look for animal-friendly options. We always ask ourselves the question: what is best for you, your baby and the planet? Everything is connected. AMA baby carriers are lovingly handcrafted with a high level of personal attention given to every detail - from the fabrics, the seams, the chosen patterns and then each product as a whole. Ultimately, we are committed to running a modern, responsible business that values ​​nature, people and animals.