Our answers to your questions

Where are they made?

All our products are designed, designed and prototyped in Paris, France. We work with a clothing workshop in Poland labeled GOTS with whom we share strong values.

Composition and Materials

Search for OEKOTEX Standard 100 certified fabric, guarantee of sanitary and ecological quality. Guaranteed free of toxic products for the body and the environment. We only use fabrics from stock to have the most responsible production possible.

Can we put the child on the other side?

We do not recommend facing the world because the baby is not in an ideal position! For what ? This does not respect the natural arch of the infant.

Is the belt compulsory?

We strongly recommend using the belt supplied with the Nomad Baby Carrier. The importance of the 3 layers is essential to guarantee the safety and good support of the baby.

At the level of the neck, are they held enough?

When the physiological position is respected (the back well rolled up, the knees a little higher than the pelvis) then yes the head arises naturally. Find all the information on our Physiology and Safety page.

Can we use it from birth?

The Nomad baby carrier is designed to carry your child from birth up to 10kg, the fabric adapts and evolves with the baby to carry it gently and safely.

For very dynamic babies who fidget a lot is it suitable?

Babywearing has a soothing effect on babies. If they move a lot while carrying and are not comfortable, test over very short periods and little by little.

Should it be tight?

It is normal, even better to be tight at the start for the good maintenance of your baby. The fabric will stretch with use, with the weight and size of the growing baby.

How to dress with a baby carrier?

For more comfort, carry your child against you, on a t-shirt or a thin sweater, and cover yourself afterwards.

This will prevent both of you from getting hot in the event of a ray of sunshine. You will be freer in your movements, without the risk of waking up your sleeping baby.