AMA: A meeting


AMA's story began with a friendship, born in front of our children's school.
We share the same profession (fashion designer), children of the same age and an outlook on life shaped by our dual cultures.
(French-Nepalese for Sunda; Italian-Argentinian for Luli)

We are partners but above all friends and confidantes.

Away from our families, we talk about parenting and the feeling of isolation that many parents experience during the baby's first year. We realize that a need for listening and benevolence is essential and we want to respond to this with AMA.

We believe that the birth of a baby triggers certain imbalances and difficulties in the home which deserve extra attention for each of the individuals (the woman, the man, the baby) and for the whole (the couple , the home).

We deeply believe in the balance between men and women in a logic of well-being.

We offer a baby carrier that will facilitate communion by allowing each parent to feel freer in their movements while giving love to their baby.

Contact with the parent and the natural position for the baby will help calm the child, reassure him, giving him a sense of security and well-being. For a mother or a father, having an effective, gentle and easy solution to calm the baby will bring confidence and a feeling of success, of communion with the child.